Saturday, April 14, 2012

Post-Wedding Session: Vince & Tonette

“Summer love, Midnight kisses. Shooting stars, Secret wishes.” — Annonymous

There was no better way to start the summer than a nice Trash the Dress Session with Vince and Tonette! If you guys can remember, we did their E-session last year and we were so thrilled that we would be shooting them again! It was just like meeting with long-time friends along with the rest of the gang. Like before, Felice, Vic and Mark (this time, along with the kids) joined Vince and Tonette and assisted them for the shoot. The day was packed with lots of laughs especially that time when Vince accidentally ripped the ribbon/s of Tonette's gown... but despite this, they were able to maintain composure =)  It was our most adventurous shoot yet... from running away from a security guard to a crazy lady with a knife, we cruised the city and found ourselves shooting at the side streets (and anywhere we feel like it). I so loved the weather, the shoot and everything in between =)

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