Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Destination E-Session: TJ & Shelly

Today’s blog is a little bit more special than the usual… while you might think that it’s just an ordinary E-session, it is an E-session of one of my closest friend (Shelly, whom I’ve known for like half of my life) and it is another destination E-session which was shot in Baguio.

It was an adventure that I will never forget not only because it seemed like ages since we saw each other and really spent time together, but it was also a time where I would capture and document a part of TJ & Shelly’s love story. I was more than excited when Shelly told me that they’re finally tying the knot and immediately planned this country side engagement shoot. Along with Au and Jerdz, we climbed, sat on odd places, walked, jumped, ran, laughed and shot till the sun came down. Tj, & Shelly, I’m extraordinarily excited for your wedding this coming February and I hope to see you guys really soon =)

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