Monday, June 24, 2013

Engagement Session: Harry & Denise

Last April, we have celebrated our 2nd year anniversary and we launched a promo and an E-session give away! A lot of couples joined and I must admit that we had a tough time choosing the winners… so many entries and so many romantic, funny, crazy love stories but this couple’s story inspired me the most… Meet our E-session winners Harry and Denise!

They met each other in college having a lot of common friends, but still took them some time to finally get to know each other. Harry graduated ahead of Denise and they had a Long-Distance-Relationship. Since then, technology became their bridge… having endless chats and skype dates, using any resource available to be together, virtually. They’ve been through a lot but because of love and their faith, they stuck like glue.
Cheers to you Harry and Denise, for an inspiring love story, for hanging on and keeping your hearts together despite the distance that kept you apart. My heart was warmed when you blogged about us, we are so happy to know how thrilled you guys are. Now, we are blogging about you =) and here are some of the photos from our Boho-chic E-Session.

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