Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life After Breakfast

Taken at the shores of Boracay
Summer has already ended and left lots of fond memories of the places we’ve visited and new experiences! Most of which were not even planned and just came along our way… so thank you universe!  It has been a while since I’ve posted something about my personal journey so I want to share some photos of what I would say a recap of the first half of this year =)
Our first stop was Cebu:
Walking along the streets of Cebu felt like we were in Escolta. We navigated our way by using a map, just like a treasure hunt =)
yes, i have this shot... the most common shot of the Magellan's cross and I'm proud of it! =)
Second destination was Bohol... it was our first time here too
Our tourist guide was nice enough to take snapshots of us while goofing around
If I can snap my finger and transport myself anywhere, I would go back to Bohol Bee farm to taste their ice cream again 
Bohol Beach club at sunset
I was lucky enough to join a wedding shoot at the shores of Boracay with the team of Mr. Jomel Gregorio... it somehow felt like i was dreaming out loud =) 
Morning greeted me with this view on our last day there
the last snapshot before we left

I never thought that there was a nice beach in Calatagan Batangas till we were able to visit Stilts
Image taken from my phone camera... my wide lens was under repair that time =P

Last stop was Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar in Bataan... it was a city of old houses. Amazing how they were able to transport the actual houses and re-built in this area... other structures were replicated though
The house where all of us stayed

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