Monday, March 5, 2012

Manila Wedding: Wilmar & Camille

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We were stuck in a painstakingly slow moving traffic along Mendiola at 9:00am! At first I thought It was due to the celebration of the EDSA Revolution, but apparently, filming of the movie Bourne Legacy will take place along that stretch… each stop the car makes, I held on to my seat... are we going to make it on time?! Good thing i set my own call time earlier. I entered the hotel room, and greeted everybody hi... seeing those familiar faces felt like i woke up from a nightmare! Camille was already being made up and you can just feel the light ambiance in the room... as if it was a sign that the day would turn out great!

Wilmar and Camille were college classmates... friendship developed when they did their OJT at the same company and they never knew that the friendship will eventually develop into something deeper. I admire the couple for not only preparing for the wedding, but as well their life after that. I raise my virtual glass to you guys! We wish you all the best!

How cute are those caricatures? They look exactly like Camille and Wilmar!
The groom and the best men =)
The stand for hanging the pictures were actually DIYed by Camille's dad! Ain't it sweet? =)

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