Thursday, May 5, 2011

Destination Wedding: Jake + JM

Transfiguration Chapel  |  Hotel Dominique

It was a nice day in Tagaytay… the weather was quite cool that early morning. The ceremony which will take place in Caleruega will start at 9am. JM started preparing as early as 4am… the sky was pitch black, but it did not take long till we saw the sunrise. I just heart the DIY stuff that they did for their wedding!  The invitations, table numbers, the cord and embellishments of the candles and matches… I could go on and on! The wedding was indeed a labor of love.  I felt the warmth of their family and friends who helped them make this day a truly special and wonderful day.  I felt so blessed that I was given a chance to witness and document their love and their union.  I must admit that I got a bit teary eyed in some parts of the ceremony (but don’t think I’m sappy okay? Hahaha!)… I guess the time that we spent bonding with them and experiencing their genuine kindness made them dear to us. So, here are the photos =D
 I also would like to thank the Cinemaworks Team (Video) and J Lucas Reyes' Team (Main Photo) for being nice... we enjoyed working with you guys =)
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