Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Days of Holy Week

The alarm gently buzzed at 4:00 in the morning on Good Friday and knew it was time to get prepared for a long walk! Jerdz and I ate breakfast (an instant beef noodle soup and coffee, just enough to keep us going till we reach our destination)... took a shower and left at 6am for our yearly Visita Iglesia.  We did our normal route starting from Blumentritt and ends in Intramuros... we noticed that unlike the past years, there are more people doing "the walk" that we almost bump into each other. Quiapo church was jampacked with people as always!  It seems like the streets of Manila was quiet-er in the past years' Good Friday than this year, but it's ok. We finished faster this time... we did it in 3.5 hrs! After the long walk, we grabbed some snacks in the streets of Intramuros.

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  1. Eeeeeek... i love the airmail and paper stuff :P
    Havent been to Intramuros at all...maybe if I drop by Manila, i should walk around there huh? or you can bring me there? hehehee :P

  2. loved the paper stuff as well that i bought a bunch from the papier tole shop!... they have a lot of cool stuff there =D
    if you happen to drop by manila it will be nice to have a photowalk... i looove walking the streets of manila, never get tired of doing it =D