Saturday, July 9, 2011

Better days lie ahead

If I had one wish, I'd wish for endless summer days.

It was a rainy week in the wet streets of Manila. Making my way through the flood deep puddles of water is my least favorite thing to do. So, if i had one wish today, it would be to feel another summer day.  A day where I can wear my fave white sneakers without having to worry about it getting muddied XD

Today, Jerdz and I are celebrating our 100th monthsary...  yup, even after being married, we still greet each other on our monthsary... wierd, I know.  But I'm very thankful that despite my craziness, he sticks it out with me.  He is my partner, my best friend and my "person" (as Christina of Grey's Anatomy would put it).  It was a summer day, our first monthsary... so i'm posting this photo to remind me that despite the rain, better days lie ahead.

Have a nice day to all! =)

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