Friday, February 18, 2011

Lola Cris' 90th Birthday

Unlike the previous years, this year's valentine's day was the most memorable and meaningful Jerdz and I had.  We were very much honored to witness a family's milestone as their beloved Lola just turned 90! I cannot begin to tell how astonished I was when I finally met her... she was still very sharp and healthy... and she didn't even wear glasses! I can tell that her family feels very blessed having her.
I woke up early that morning... the weather was quite cool.  We still managed to pass by the church before heading to the venue.  Lola Cris was the first one to arrive... as minutes pass, guests started to pour in. Before we knew it, the event came to an end. It was a nice afternoon, everybody was warm and friendly.  After the shoot, we strolled a bit around the compound and bought some plants before going home -- Valentine's gift for mom and dad =)

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  1. hi! would like to ask where this place is =) if you could indulge my q that would be awesome!

  2. hello ubercrab! thanks for dropping by! this was held at the manila seedling compound in QC =)