Saturday, March 16, 2013

Destination Wedding: TJ & Shelly

Balay Indang

Others would say that Valentine’s day is a day invented by greeting cards and candy makers. But many would still say that it is a day celebrating Love… and I wouldn't say otherwise because it is also the day when my good friends TJ & Shelly tied the knot!  It was a morning wedding and shot in the most beautiful golden light of the sunrise. It was an intimate wedding, attended by their closest friends and relatives.  What I love most about it is the simplicity, the rawness and how emotional the ceremony was. So for those who thinks Valentine’s is a conspiracy, I’d say shush this year =)

TJ & Shelly, I wish you nothing but a lifetime of joy and fluffy pillow fights. TJ, while you are the reason why Shelly’s place isn’t our sleeping headquarters anymore, you are also the reason for her true happiness… so I guess I’ll trade the first one over the latter (haha!) And Shelly, I know we’re not used to saying mushy things to each other but I’m gonna say that I’m glad that you’ve finally found your soulmate and I’m happy to be there on your first sunrise together as husband and wife! Cheers to you both!

a photo that includes me... yey! =)

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